Brain tumour treated with minimal invasive surgery

brain tumourDeweshwar Kumar, 77, had lost all hope after a sudden loss of consciousness was attributed to a large blood clot in his brain. Chances of survival were low and his condition deteriorated. But his life was saved thanks to minimal invasive neuroendoscopy. “The blood clot caused a pressure effect in the patient’s brain. Considering the

Staying fit sharpens brain

staying fitPhysical exercise may be the best way to keep your brain sharp in old age, says a study. In recent years there has been a sales boom in so-called “brain training” computer games and puzzles. But now researchers suggest keeping physically fit may be more important than mental work-outs, reports It was found that

Mobile use’ can raise brain cancer risk’

The debate over whether cell phone radiation causes brain cancer continues, with a new study by the WHO now claiming that just half-an-hour daily on mobile can increase a person’s risk of the disease by a third. The Interphone report by the World Health Organisation has found those in the heaviest user category were in

Gary Coleman Dies Because of Brain Hemorrhage

Gary Coleman, who managed to become the brightest star of TV by age 11, has died. As a matter of fact, Gary was suffering from a  brain hemorrhage.
Coleman died at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center situated in Provo at 12:05. In fact, he had been in a coma.
According to his manager, John Alcantar, it

Kristi Gibson on Bret Michaels’s Brain Hemorrhage

Remember the contestant Bret Michaels who had suffered from brain hemorrhage on April 21, at his these tough moments of life; he tended towards Kristi Gibson, his girlfriend.
Pete Evick, a good friend and Michaels’s guitarist said that surely Bret is a hero for the world but for that hero, in his personal life it