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Posted on Mar 23, 2013 @ 18:06PM | By Jen Heger

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You’d think they’d know better….burglars attempted to break into Paris Hilton‘s Los Angeles mansion Saturday, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The socialite’s house in the exclusive, guarded and gated Mulholland Estates, has its own security system as well but burglars decided to try their

Two teenage girls took “Beliebing” to a whole new level when they were caught sneaking around Justin Bieber’s hotel suite in Liverpool last week dressed up as housekeepers .The teenage […]

Pete Doherty has been questioned by police over a break-in at a record shop in Germany.. . The theft happened early on Tuesday in the southern city … Continue reading Doherty quizzed over shop break-in

0 0 0 . Rip Torn is requesting a form of probation to settle charges that he broke into a Connecticut bank while drunk and armed in January … Continue reading Rip Torn applies for probation in Conn. break-in