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Tweet . Britain’s Prince Philip, renowned for his blunt talk and verbal gaffes, turned 90 on Friday, spending the day as he has much of life … Continue reading Britain's king of gaffes celebrates his 90th birthday

Britain’s battle over privacy law descends to farce

LONDON (Reuters) – An increasingly farcical game of cat-and-mouse between Britain’s media and celebrities, Twitter users and the judiciary prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to promise a review of Continue reading Britain's battle over privacy law descends to farce

Helen Mirren, the actress who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, has attacked modern Britain as being ‘angry’ and ‘cruel’, and said she would feel more at home in France. She also said that the tradition of British decency was declining. “I”m under the impression that this notion is disappearing from […] Continue reading Britain is ‘cruel and angry’, says Helen Mirren

Rockstar Rod Stewart is preparing to bid adieu to the US and move back to Britain. Rod, 65, and pregnant wife Penny Lancaster, 39, consider Britain schools better and are thinking of relocation for their son Alastair, four, and their unborn boy. Rod left Britain 35 years ago to escape punitive tax levels by Harold […] Continue reading Rod Stewart considering moving back to Britain for kids

It seems Madonna loves Britain even after splitting with her husband Guy Ritchie, and that’s why she’s directing her new flick ‘W.E.’ there. The pop diva lived in England during her marriage to Guy Ritchie, 41, but moved back to New York when they divorced in 2008. “Guy says she talks about their home in […] Continue reading Madonna ‘loves Britain’, despite Guy Ritchie split