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Railway budget highlights

Railway budget 6 150x150 Railway budget highlightsHighlights of the railway budget presented in the Lok Sabha Friday by Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee: * Combines strong economic focus along with inclusion. * Small incidents give us a bad name. * Developed business-oriented policies to aid industry. * Happy to announce through 85 PPP proposals received; set up single-window sustem to take these [...] Continue reading Railway budget highlights

r madhavan 150x150 A good story, not budget, decides a film’s fate: Actor MadhavanIt’s only the story and the script that decides the fate of a movie at the ticket window, feels actor R. Madhavan, adding that the spate of small budget films that did well did so because of a good story line. “I think it’s just a coincidence that all the films that did well were [...] Continue reading A good story, not budget, decides a film’s fate: Actor Madhavan

Budget HK action-comedy is critical hit

A low-budget Hong Kong action-comedy stole the spotlight at the local critics’ awards prize ceremony on Tuesday, earning praise for capturing this … Continue reading Budget HK action-comedy is critical hit

Only a perceived slight to the Armed Forces could get British newspapers so indignant. The prime minister, David Cameron, is expected to tell … Continue reading Britain's fiscal sword cuts swath through defence budget

How is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger killing time between budget negotiations? Vegas, baby!Schwarzenegger said “Hasta la vista” to his day job for a … Continue reading No budget? No worries as Schwarzenegger hits Vegas