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Pre-release buzz on the apocalyptic indie ‘Bellflower’ has either centered on its being made for the staggeringly small sum of $ 17,000 or its awesome, fire-breathing “Medusa” car.

Evan Glodell not only wrote, directed and stars in the film, he also built the cameras that give it its unique, grungy aesthetic. He also built the Medusa car, which is where most of that… Continue reading 'Bellflower' Director Evan Glodell on Building His Own Cameras and That Awesome Fire-Breathing Car

sandcrawler building

If you were to choose one iconic structure from the Star Wars franchise to design an office building around, chances are you wouldn’t immediately think of the Sandcrawler. But upon closer inspection, the large, slow-moving vehicle used by the little Jawas to travel around Tatooine really does have the perfect look for a sleek, modern-day building. And that’s exactly what George Lucas thought, too, as… Continue reading Did You Know: George Lucas is Building an Office Designed to Look Like a Jawa Sandcrawler? (PICS)  

After watching this week’s episode of FX’s Justified, fans know two things: First, Boyd can clog. We promised Walton Goggins we would make sure everyone knows that really was him. “I didn’t get winded for nothin’,” he joked with us recently, adding that he probably did about five takes of his jig at Mags’ whoop-dee-doo.

Crystal Clear Picture:

Tweet . Reese Witherspoon heads out of an office building on Thursday (March 10) in Brentwood, Calif.. . The 34-year-old Water for Elephants… Continue reading Reese Witherspoon Visits Office Building in Brentwood

The family and friends of late actress Farrah Fawcett”s will pay her tribute on her first death anniversary by opening the new headquarters of her charity. Fawcett started the charity, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, many years before her death, but was unable to give time to the organisation as she fought cancer. The charity, which […] Continue reading New charity building in Farrah Fawcett”s memory