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Ann B. Davis, the actress best known for playing Alice on ABC’s classic sitcom The Brady Bunch, has died. She was 88.

CNN is reporting that Davis fell in her home this weekend and never regained consciousness.

Davis, who used to joke in interviews that she wasn’t nearly as handy around the house as she was in that Brady two-story… Continue reading Ann B. Davis, Alice on ‘Brady Bunch,’ dies at 88

He’s busy working on remaking the musical classic “Annie,” but Will Smith already has yet another reboot in his sights: “The Wild Bunch.”

Smith is currently in negotiations to star in and produce a revamped version of the 1969 classic western about a gang of aging outlaws set to pull off one final heist on the Mexican-American border in 1913. The reboot would be set in modern times, and focus on… Continue reading 'Wild Bunch' Remake: Will Smith Eyes Modern-Day Reboot

Tony Scott has directed 16 feature films since making his debut with The Hunger in 1983. He’s had big hits (Top Gun, Revenge, Enemy of the State), big flops (The Last Boy Scout, The Fan, Domino), and few certifiable stand-outs like Crimson Tide and True Romance. But the man had some success a few years back with his remake of the classic heist thriller The

You won’t like Grandma Franco when she’s angry. Oscar host James Franco doesn’t care if you’re too scared to see him remove his own arm in the Ripped From the Headlines adventure drama 127 Hours. But his Nana is a different story. The Franco family matriarch sat down with her studious grandson last week to […] Continue reading James Franco’s Grandma Thinks You’re All A Bunch Of Wusses!

The Wild Bunch [Blu-ray]

Director Sam Peckinpah’s film The Wild Bunch is a powerful tale of hang-dog desperados bound by a code of honor. It is said that The Wild Bunch rates as one of the all-time greatest Westerns, perhaps one of the greatest of all filmsHere’s how director Sam Peckinpah described his motivation behind The Wild Bunch… Continue reading The Wild Bunch [Blu-ray]