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In today’s sports-crazed world, athletes like Lebron James and Tony Hawk have quickly become household names. But it’s not just their sport that’s … Continue reading Athletes turned entrepreneurs take business world by storm

Tyra Bank has decided to take her business empire online. She has signed a deal to create a new fashion and beauty website. Her company ‘Bankable’ is joining hands with Los Angeles-based Demand Media for an internet venture, which will see her launch a website packed with tips, advice and special features, including demonstration videos [...] Continue reading Tyra Bank takes her business empire online

The representative of Hewlett-Packard announced on Wednesday that the company is planning to reduce its costs. It plans to make its services fully automated and move its enterprises to offshore locations where its expenses will be considerably cut. According to Hewlett-Packard’s vice president Robb Rasmussen, it will also be efficient to introduce automation and personnel [...] Continue reading HP Introduces Automation of Services and Offshore Business Initiative

LG to invest heavily in green energy business

Field of renewal energy seems to have become a new attraction of chosen South Korien companies. Their interest in the business of the future can be noticed from the reports that South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc will make and investment of 1 trillion won [$824.5 million] in its solar cell business by 2015. The company [...] Continue reading LG to invest heavily in green energy business

Samsung Omina Pro 4 for business people unveiled

Samsung has launched a new phone that targets the special class of business people. The company has released the phone in its exciting Omina portfolio with the unveiling of its Omina Pro 4 handset. Windows Mobile 6.5 powers this phone
The phone aims at young professionals due to its plenty of advanced features. The phone [...] Continue reading Samsung Omina Pro 4 for business people unveiled