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Hellraiser 2 Cenobites (585 x 440) Horror Buzz: Hellraiser Remake News, Leatherface Directors Set and Rob Zombie (Kinda) Returns to Halloween

Halloween may be over, but just because it’s November doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about awesome upcoming horror movies. Today, we’ve got the latest on Clive Barker’s Hellraiser reboot, an update on Rob Zombie’s new project, and details on who will be directing the newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Grab your leftover candy corn and let’s… Continue reading Horror Buzz: 'Hellraiser' Remake News, 'Leatherface' Directors Set and Rob Zombie (Kinda) Returns to Halloween

Simpsons Spider Pig (585 x 319) Sequel Buzz: The Simpsons Movie 2, Bond 24, and Sherlock Holmes 3 Progress Updates

Who’s ready for some sequel news? We’ve got the latest on a return trip to Springfield, Bond’s next adventure (and how you can re-experience some of the classics), and Sherlock’s latest case in today’s sequel roundup.

The Simpsons has been around for a quarter of a century, and shows no signs of ending soon. The venerable… Continue reading Sequel Buzz: 'The Simpsons Movie 2,' 'Bond 24', and 'Sherlock Holmes 3' Progress Updates

Pictured above: Fandango’s Alicia Malone pitches a role for herself in the John Wick sequel as a villain called Red Fury. Star Keanu Reeves looks pretty terrified. 

Pictured below: Our good friend (and movie poster connoisseur) Germain Lussier Instagrams his way through the first day of the first annual MondoCon, a two-day event spun off from Fantastic Fest featuring Mondo posters, artists, panels and more. 


John Wick

Tuskopen Fantastic Fest Buzz: Rockin Unicorns, ABCs of Death 2 and One Helluva Crazy Food Fight

[all photos courtesy of Fantastic Fest/David Hill]

Pictured above: Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League kicks off Fantastic Fest’s 10th anniversary in style, wearing an Adidas jumpsuit with a GoPro camera strapped to his chest. Also pictured: Tusk writer-director Kevin Smith and star Justin Long dressed in a walrus suit.

Pictured below: You guess: Is this an image from the Fantastic Fest opening-night horror movie… Continue reading Fantastic Fest Buzz: Rockin' Unicorns, 'ABCs of Death 2' and One Helluva Crazy Food Fight

The Important News

hr Batman v Superman  Dawn of Justice 7 Best of the Week: New Batmobile, Lego Ferris Bueller, Toronto Buzz and More

We got our first official look at the new Batmobile. Earlier we’d seen a spy photo of that and one of the Millennium Falcon on the set of Star Wars Episode VII

Top Gun 2 has a writer on board. 23 Jump Street also has a writer on board. Ted 2 has a Morgan Freemam on board. 

Warner Bros. and DC might make a Legion