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Seasons greetings, TV.com readers! The holiday season is upon us, and on the internet, that can only mean one thing: It’s time to start compiling our various year-end stories and lists.

As of this week, preparations for the fourth annual installment of TV.com’s Top 100 Everything are officially underway; just like last year, we’ll spend the last days of December reliving the most excellent television moments of 2011.

But selecting the 100… Continue reading Call for Submissions: Your Top TV Moments of 2011

Review in a Hurry: Martin Scorsese does a family film? Not exactly. While there’s nothing inappropriate on display, how many of the kids out there do we really think will be excited by a cinematic history lesson about French film pioneer Georges Melies? Answer: only the cool ones… Continue reading Movie Review: Don't Call Hugo a Kids Flick

Review in a Hurry: Good kitty! Puss rides again in this Zorro-esque Shrek spinoff, in which the titular gato searches for magic beans while running from the law. Packed with exciting action, funny cat gags and eye-stabbing 3-D, Puss should claw its way to the top of the… Continue reading Movie Review: Don't Call It a Spinoff—Puss in Boots Easily Stands on Its Own Two Paws

A New Dark Knight Rises Open Casting Call!

September 27, 2011

small tdkr poster teaser A New Dark Knight Rises Open Casting Call!A new open casting call is now online for The Dark Knight Rises (under the faux-title Magnus Rex), seeking talent in the New York area. Full details of an open audition on October 1st are available below, thanks to On Location Vacations:

Grant Wilfley Casting, Inc. is casting extras for the new Warner Bros. film Magnus Rex. Producers state: Take part in

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

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In Werner Herzog’s new film Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, Nicolas Cage plays a rogue detective who is as devoted to his job as he is to scoring drugs while playing fast and loose with the law. He wields his badge as often as he wields… Continue reading Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans