Caught On Camera: Cameron Diaz Feeding Alex Rodriguez

Some couples show their love for one another through flowers and chocolates. (We prefer diamonds and emeralds, but that’s another story….) But for Cammy D and A-Rod nothing says “I Melt With You,” like feeding one another popcorn at the biggest sporting event of the year. The notoriously-secretive twosome got tongues wagging was when FOX

Shia LaBeouf Rumbles With Paparazzi; Steals Photographer’s Camera

Pesky paps! Mess with the Shia LeBeouf, and you’ll get the horns. Or, in this case, the Transformers star will get your camera. Police were called to the Hollywood residence of the former Even Stevens actor Wednesday afternoon, after a photographer for X17Online bumped heads with LeBeouf, prompting the star to swipe the pap’s

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Are not Camera-Shy Lovers Anymore

After they were seen together at Goya Awards which was in Spain and the Oscars as well, it seems like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem that were considered to be camera-shy lovers, are getting used to appear in public as a pair.
No doubts they feel comfortable when they are together, it was seen when they