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Cancer-battling Michael Douglas is done with his radiotherapy – so what better way to celebrate giving the Big C a giant Eff-U than a trip to Disney World in Orlando with the fam? Michael, 66, completed his eight-week radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment last month, and has been recovering in his New York home ever since, […] Continue reading Michael Douglas Gives Cancer The Finger From “The Happiest Place On Earth”

A breast cancer scare for Ro…. Acid-tongued actress and TV/radio personality Rosie O’Donnell fears she may be afflicted with the same disease that killed her mother after doctors found two lumps in her breasts earlier this month. “38 my mom was diagnosed/39 she died/too late when they opened her up in huntington hospital/it was everywhere,” […] Continue reading Rosie O’Donnell Breast Cancer Scare

Screen legend Jane Fonda was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer last month. The Cat Ballou star — who served as the reigning fitness queen of the ’80s — has always spoke frankly with fans about her affinity for the wonders of plastic surgery. Now Fonda’s getting real about the fright of her life: Discovering […] Continue reading Jane Fonda Breast Cancer Scare

A study has indicated that the genes we possess not only determine the color of our eyes and hair and how our bodies grow, but they might also influence the changes that occur in tumors when we develop cancer. A study by researchers at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital […] Continue reading Genes may influence cancer growth: Study

Scientists at St George”s University of London have created a new application, accessible on mobiles, that can tell how long terminal cancer patients have left to live. The research uses blood tests, pulse rate and symptoms to estimate life expectancy of patients. Camapigners hope it will help families and carers to make plans for the […] Continue reading Phone app that predicts how long cancer patients have left to live