Steve Landesberg, “Barney Miller” Star, Dies Of Cancer

Steve Landesberg, who played Det. Arthur Dietrich on Barney Miller from 1975 until the New York cop show ended in 1982, died Monday after a long battle against an unspecified form of cancer. He was 65. “I’m sorry to report the loss of Steve,” Landesberg’s longtime agent Jeffrey Leavitt told The Hollywood Reporter Monday. In

Cancer cells can be ‘burned up’ using magnetic pulses

cancer cellScientists have developed a new technique known as hyperthermia therapy, which they hope will allow them to target cancer cells in the body and kill them without harming the surrounding tossed or causing the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy. Researchers have found they can surround cancer cells with tiny particles of iron oxide

Western diet ‘ups prostate cancer risk’

cancerA new study has revealed that elevated fat and cholesterol levels found in a typical American-style diet plays an important role in the growth and spread of prostate cancer. Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University’s Kimmel Cancer Center demonstrate how mice eating a Western diet, and predisposed to develop prostate cancer, can develop larger tumors that

Cancer drugs offer new hope for Crohn”s disease and sarcoidosis

cancerA new study offers insight into a new treatment avenue for two painful inflammatory diseases: Crohn”s sisease and sarcoidosis. While the loss of NOD2 increases the risk of developing Crohn”s disease, increased activity of this gene is also thought to exacerbate symptoms. Additionally, activating NOD2 mutations can cause genetic sarcoidosis – an inflammatory disease affecting

Denise Borino-Quinn, “The Sopranos’” Ginny Sacramoni, Dies Of Liver

Denise Borino-Quinn, the actress who played Ginny Sacramoni — the robust wife of Mafia King Johnny Sacramoni for seven seasons on the critically-acclaimed HBO drama The Sopranos, died on Wednesday after a long battle againt liver cancer. She was 46. Borino-Quinn had no acting experience — or intention of becoming a professional screen star —