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It turned out that the brother of Brittany Murphy does not care about the death of Simon Monjack. Moreover, Tony considers that the world will be better without Monjack.
It was reveled that the death of Murphy was caused by pneumonia, a multiple-drug intoxication as well as iron deficiency.  As for the investigation of Monjack’s  death, […] Continue reading Brittany Murphy’s Brother Does not Care about Monjack’s Death

Besides being a great actor, the Bollywood King Khan, Shahrukh Khan is also a great human. He spent a complete day at hospital where his friend Bobby Chawla, Juhi Chawla’s brother was hospitalized due to brain haemorrhage despite of his busy schedule. Bobby collapsed on Sunday evening while he was dinning at some restaurant. Bobby […] Continue reading Bobby Chawla hospitalized, Shah Rukh Khan takes care

Those who really care about Lindsay Lohan consider that the actress needs help, but unfortunately, she does not want even to listen about this. There is a professional who is supposed to be close to the actress said to TMZ that Lindsey does need help, if she does not get it soon, she may […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Needs Serious Help