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Cartoon Characters Go Trick-Or-Treating (ART)

Cartoon characters make for great Halloween costumes; they’re bright, colorful and they give you permission to look as goofy as possible. But why do us live-action humans get to have all the fun? Surely, the cartoons also love dressing up as their favorite pop culture characters. But we rarely get a glimpse into their Halloween adventures beyond a 30 minute special broken up by annoying commercials.

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As soon as America’s entrance into World War II became official following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, war production took precedence over consumer goods — shifting the U.S. to ration everything from tires and meat, to sugar and women’s nylons. As a morale booster, Disney created a 1942 short film called Food Will Win the War that highlighted America’s agricultural abundance. The cartoon posited that a blizzard of

lego star wars special Cartoon Network Announces LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan MenaceFirst revealed by ComingSoon.net last month, Cartoon Network is preparing a thirty-minute “LEGO Star Wars” special. Though the initial teaser art had indicated that it would hit this fall, an updated press release reveals that it will debut even sooner. Entitled “LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace,” the standalone adventure will air at 7pm on July 22nd. Full details from the press release are as follows:

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Angry Batbirds Cartoon

It's Batman done Angry Birds style in this animated shorts.

UK delays release of anti-terror cartoon movie

It was supposed to be a warning about the perils of joining the international jihad. But those behind “Wish You Waziristan” – a cartoon take on two … Continue reading UK delays release of anti-terror cartoon movie