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Before LiLo’s appearance in court, the busty reality star tweeted on the actress’ twitter page: ‘Sending positivity your way, Lindsay Lohan. Love… Continue reading Lindsay Lohan thanks 'good friend' Kim Kardashian for support over trial

Case against Two Surfers Dropped by a Judge

It has become known that all charges have been dismissed by a judge against two surfers who were blamed on attacking paparazzi at the time when they were taking pictures of a famous actor – Matthew McConaughey. That incident happened on a Malibu beach about two years ago. As Sandi Gibbons, spokeswoman for district attorney [...] Continue reading Case against Two Surfers Dropped by a Judge

Lindsay Lohan may have escaped a lengthy jail sentence because a police officer mistook her cocaine for a breath mint, according to a leaked police report.The Santa Monica Police report from the actress’ 2007 DUI arrest reveals that the officer who searched her thought he found a mint. He then threw it in the trash, [...] Continue reading Cops Mistook Cocaine For Mint In Lindsay Lohan DUI Case

On Thursday a judge came to a decision to make Lindsay Lohan give more extended explanations concerning the car chase in 2007 after which she was taken into custody. She will have to swear to tell the truth for at a two-hour hearing. It is interesting that this court sitting will be connected with the [...] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan has to Appear in Court to Clarify her “Drug” Case

Financial adviser to the stars pleads not guilty in NY court to alleged $59 million fraud A jailed financial adviser to the stars has pleaded not guilty to alleged securities fraud worth $59 million. Kenneth Starr is a onetime adviser to celebrities including Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone and Martin Scorsese, though there’s no indication they were victims. He entered … Continue reading Celeb adviser pleads not guilty in NY fraud case