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Fantastic Four‘s Ioan Gruffudd is taking the starring role in ABC’s drama pilot Forever.

Gruffudd will play New York City’s star medical examiner who is secretly immortal.  Through his investigative work with a police detective and his relationship with his best friend the show will “peel back the layers of Henry’s colorful and long life.”

The show is from writer-producer Matt Miller (Chuck, 666 Park Avenue). In addition to playing Mr… Continue reading ‘Fantastic Four’ actor cast in ABC immortal pilot

fantastic four cast Fox Has Found its New Fantastic Four Cast

There’s been tons of speculation (some even originating on our end) about the cast for Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four. But barring any broken deals, we now know who they’ll all be thanks to The Wrap:

Miles Teller – Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic

Kate Mara – Sue Storm, AKA The Invisible Woman

Jamie Bell – Ben Grimm, AKA The Thing

Michael B. Jordan – Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch

We’ve… Continue reading Fox Has Found its New 'Fantastic Four' Cast

Juliette Lewis cast in ABC drama

Juliette Lewis is going to play a detective on ABC. The actress has booked a role on Secrets & Lies opposite co-stars Ryan Phillippe and Natalie Martinez.

Based on an Australian mystery series, Secrets & Lies is about a man (Phillippe) who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a young boy when he finds the body. Barbie Kligman (Private Practice) is the writer-producer and Charles McDougall (Desperate Housewives) directs… Continue reading Juliette Lewis cast in ABC drama

Money%20Ball%20Header Poster Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies from The Lego Movie Voice Cast?Greetings, maniacs! It’s time for another fully assembled Poster-Crop Quiz. This week, in honor of The Lego Movie, we’ve put together a quiz based around the film’s stellar voice cast. We’ve taken posters from the careers of the various voice talent and cropped them into tiny pieces. See if you can put together which images were cropped from which posters and leave your guesses in the… Continue reading Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies from 'The Lego Movie' Voice Cast?

ddl%20and%20dicapri What Iconic Actor or Actress Would You Like to See Cast in a Marvel Movie?

When news first hit that Michael Douglas was cast in Ant-Man, Variety had it that he was playing the villain. That would have made sense. Superheroes are best portrayed by younger, newer talents while villains should be elder, prestigious icons of Hollywood, a la Jack Nicholson in Batman and Gene Hackman in Superman and Faye Dunaway in Supergirl and Jeff Bridges in Iron Man

It also made… Continue reading What Iconic Actor or Actress Would You Like to See Cast in a Marvel Movie?