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According to the editors at Autoblog, ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ director Michael Bay has cribbed someone else’s work — his own.

The latest iteration of ‘Transformers’ has broken box office records this weekend, so it seems that not many people have noticed –or cared — about the familiar footage from Bay’s 2005 flick ‘The Island.’ Frame-by-frame, it appears that the same footage is being used in ‘Transformers.’

Check it out for… Continue reading 'Transformers' Director Michael Bay Caught Plagiarizing -- Himself

Caught On Camera: Moby Electrocuted

Moby got electrocuted….We suspect it’s the work of Britney Spears still annoyed at being called “a shell of a human being.” In the video first uploaded to on Stereogum.com Monday, [...] Continue reading Caught On Camera: Moby Electrocuted

by Radar Staff
Of course, it’s on video!
PHOTOS: Celebrity Engagement Rings!
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Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, 38, managed to wow photogs after they caught the actress/KMart designer sans cosmetic enhancements (ie: Blush, Foundation, Bronzer) on the New York City of Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve, but that’ll never happen again, if the lusty Latina can help it. “If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked,” she [...] Continue reading Sofia Vergara Shape Magazine March 2011: “I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Makeup!”

Some couples show their love for one another through flowers and chocolates. (We prefer diamonds and emeralds, but that’s another story….) But for Cammy D and A-Rod nothing says “I Melt With You,” like feeding one another popcorn at the biggest sporting event of the year. The notoriously-secretive twosome got tongues wagging was when FOX [...] Continue reading Caught On Camera: Cameron Diaz Feeding Alex Rodriguez