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Robert Pattinson has no interest in becoming a party animal just because he is a celebrity.
The ‘Twilight’ star insisted that he wishes to maintain a low profile.
“I don”t have any desire to do that (the party scene). I really don”t. I don”t request anything from anyone so I don”t want them to ask things of [...] Continue reading Robert Pattinson has no desire to become a party animal

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Barbara Walters bids farewell to Oscar special

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The doyenne of celebrity interviewers, Barbara Walters, says she is quitting her Oscars television special because these days film stars are everywhere and celebrities have become famous for “doing nothing.” The 80-year-old TV journalist and talk show host, who years ago was criticized for pioneering celebrity stories alongside harder news, is hosting her final Oscars special after … Continue reading Barbara Walters bids farewell to Oscar special