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Exclusive: Ceremony Director Max Winkler

One of the nicest surprises from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival was Ceremony , the debut by Max Winkler, a talented filmmaker who was discovered and nurtured by the film’s producer Jason Reitman. (It’s interesting to note that both Winkler and Reitman are second-generation filmmakers with well-known Hollywood fathers.)

Ceremony stars Michael Angarano and Reece Thompson (from Rocket Science ) as best friends Sam and Marshall, reunited after… Continue reading Exclusive: Ceremony Director Max Winkler

A day of pomp and ceremony

Posted at 8:01 PM ET, 01/19/2011 . . . UPDATED Wednesday 11:55 p.m.. . It’s the mantra of Washington these days: Can’t we treat each other with… Continue reading A day of pomp and ceremony

Awards go to those who attend the ceremony: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgan2 150x150 Awards go to those who attend the ceremony: Ajay DevgnAjay Devgn has joined Aamir Khan in staying away from award ceremonies. Most functions just market themselves by wooing celebrities and awarding the nominees who agree to attend the events, says the actor. “I don’t attend award ceremonies. The facts with award ceremonies are that you are called saying, ‘Please come for the awards, we [...] Continue reading Awards go to those who attend the ceremony: Ajay Devgn

Victoria Beckham has officially left The Spice World. The singer-turned-designer will never return to the ’90s girl group that catapulted her to fame — not even for the world’s biggest sporting event. Organizers of the 2012 Olympics hoping to book The Spice Girls for the opening ceremony will have to settle for just four members [...] Continue reading Victoria Beckham Will Not Rejoin Spice Girls For 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Valerie Bertinelli began her New Year with wedding vows. In a holiday week that saw the announcements of several celebrity engagements, the former seventies sitcom star took the ultimate plunge, marrying financial planner and longtime beau Tom Vitale at their home in Malibu New Year’s Day. “We’re so happy!” Berinelli told PEOPLE after Saturday’s nups. [...] Continue reading Valerie Bertinelli Married In New Year’s Day Ceremony