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Is it really a coincidence that Brandi Glanville‘s legal drama with Eddie Cibrian flared up again right as she began promoting her new book? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star doesn’t think so. She took to Twitter on Friday to blast“a certain someone” who she says is hell-bent on distracting from the big news of her book launch.

“I think a certain someone is trying to take press away… Continue reading Sabotaged?! Brandi Glanville Claims ‘A Certain Someone’ Is Trying To Ruin Her Latest Book Launch With Negative Publicity


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Men of a Certain Age isn’t getting any older.

After returning to low ratings, TNT has declined to pick up a third season of the acclaimed series about a trio of middle-aged men. The news comes a day after co-star Andre Braugher scored a second Emmy nomination for the show and helps make room for the network’s new drama, a… Continue reading TNT cancels ‘Men of a Certain Age’

This is no laughing matter!

Last week, I wrote a heartfelt love letter to TNT’s Men of a Certain Age that explained why it would leave a huge void in the TV schedule if it was canceled. Well, TNT officially gave word today that won’t be renewing the show.

From a business standpoint, I understand the decision. The series had lousy ratings. And when I say lousy, I mean… Continue reading TNT cancels Men of a Certain Age

That’s so Terry!

Let’s be honest: Men of a Certain Age, which wrapped up its second season on Wednesday, never really stood a chance at a long run on television. I’ve recommended it to countless people in person, over the phone, on TV.com, but despite how fantastic I say the acting and writing is, I always faced the same dreaded question from potential viewers: What’s it about?

Ugh. That’s where… Continue reading Did We Just See the End of Men of a Certain Age?

What to watch on Wednesday, July 6.

Hey, how are you? Just checkin’ in, seein’ how you’re doin’. You look okay. I know you’re probably still feelin’ down since your pet albino python escaped, somehow started your car, and then drove it off a cliff. Of course you are, that’s not the kind of thing anyone ever gets over. Well, take comfort in the fact that tonight you can watch tons… Continue reading Jon Benjamin Has a Van, I Shouldn't Be Alive, and the finale of Men of a Certain Age