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… Rumor has it that a major character from ABC’s Desperate Housewives is being killed off in a March episode! Will it be the older sexy lady or the sexy older lady? Or perhaps it will be that handsome older guy who caused trouble with one of the sexy older ladies? Place your bets in the comments section below! [EW]


… Ben Stiller will star, direct… Continue reading News Briefs: Desperate Housewives is Killing a Major Character

Death watch on Wisteria Lane!

EW has learned exclusively that a major character will meet her (or his) demise in an episode of Desperate Housewives that’s currently shooting in Burbank, CA.

The cast just learned about the shocking death this week. ABC won’t spill details — we don’t know if its one of ladies or one of the husbands — but the pivotal passing will air in March.

Though the actor obviously won’t appear… Continue reading ‘Desperate Housewives’ scoop: Major character dies!

December 23, 2011

With the first trailer now online, anticipation for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is only going to grow in the months to come. Today, Total Film caught up with one of the film’s leads, Charlize Theron, to discuss her role in the sci-fi thriller.

“I play somewhat of a villain in it,” she says. “…Shes not a believer. Shes not a scientist. She

After three thoroughly enjoyable episodes, Once Upon A Time missed its mark last night. Beginning with the second fairy godmother assassination I’ve seen this year (thanks, True Blood!) “The Price of Gold” went out of its way to butcher “Cinderella,” my favorite fairy tale.

Far from the unselfish and hardworking storybook character, Once Upon a Time’s Cinderella was a grasping domestic who welshed on more than one deal with Rumpelstiltskin and… Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Assassination of (Fairy Tale) Character

How’s the Movie?

Green Lantern Blu-rayGreen Lantern is a very kid-friendly superhero movie, which most people will rightfully interpret as code meaning “most adults will think it’s pretty stupid.” This Martin Campbell-directed live-action take on DC Comics’ intergalactic space cop hero is syrupy pulp. It’s playful and silly and filled with images and characters that are practically a Marketing God’s gift to Warner Bros.’ toy department… Continue reading 'Green Lantern' Blu-ray Review: A Treat for Fans of the Character