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The Most Underrated ‘Twilight Saga’ Characters

As the “Twilight” series sparkles for the final time on the big screen, it would be all too easy to write yet another feature about Bella, Edward and Jacob, but it took a huge ensemble of

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Ever since his 1992 film role as an aspiring bullfighter in Jamón Jamón, Javier Bardem quickly established himself as an action star. He’s played a bank robber, a detective, a crime lord, a twisted monk and a sociopath assassin in No Country for Old Men, which garnered him his first Academy Award for best supporting actor… Continue reading Cine Latino: Seven Memorable Javier Bardem On-Screen Characters (Video)

  • Daniel Day-Lewis (Abraham Lincoln)

    In “Lincoln,” we see a folksy teller of tales who’s remarkably approachable to the public but who’s not averse to back-room meetings and even bribes to accomplish his goal of passing the Thirteenth Amendment. Lincoln must work with divisive factions in Congress and his own Cabinet to secure the necessary votes. We also get a glimpse of his often rocky marriage to wife Mary Todd and

  • Cartoon Characters Go Trick-Or-Treating (ART)

    Cartoon characters make for great Halloween costumes; they’re bright, colorful and they give you permission to look as goofy as possible. But why do us live-action humans get to have all the fun? Surely, the cartoons also love dressing up as their favorite pop culture characters. But we rarely get a glimpse into their Halloween adventures beyond a 30 minute special broken up by annoying commercials.

    To remedy that situation –… Continue reading Cartoon Characters Go Trick-Or-Treating (ART)

    Fernando Meirelles never intended to be an international sensation, but that’s what happened after his film “City of God” took the world by storm. The epic drama about growing up in the heart of organized crime in Rio de Janeiro, netted Meirelles an Oscar nomination for Best Director. He followed that up with “The Constant Gardener,” which earned Academy gold for its star Rachel Weisz. And now he’s attempting his… Continue reading Fernando Meirelles, '360' Director, On Making Likable Dark Characters And The Impact of 'City of God'