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Movie review aggregate sites are often blamed for ruining film criticism. They don’t just unfairly break down a bunch of opinions into one simple consensus, people say, but they also allow numerical ratings to be affixed to that consensus as if to assign it a be-all and end-all stamp of measurement determining a movie’s worth.

It can be argued that it’s… Continue reading Check Out Google's New Shortcut to Finding Out if a Movie Is Good Or Bad

Star Wars Land concept art

Disney’s D23 expo naturally has a huge focus on their movies, but we all know the actual movies are only just one aspect of Disney’s ever-expanding empire. They’re also a theme park giant and today CEO Bob Iger announced that Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida are both getting a bit bigger with dedicated Star… Continue reading Check Out the Cool Concept Art for Disney's Massive New 'Star Wars' Theme Parks

Kirby Bliss Blanton check out Fricaine Pretty Bride shoulder bag. 

An accomplished Technology and Management Professional, with extensive experience in the private and public sector, Kayode seems to be the least likely individual to venture into creating a luxury brand of exotic handbags.  In an effort to expose the rest of the world to the beautiful colors and sophisticated designs of his native home, Kayode was awakened from a… Continue reading Celebrities Check Out Fricaine Handbags

After years of development, a Scream TV series is finally coming to MTV at the end of this month. But it might not look like the Scream you remember from the movies. The big difference is the mask, which has been changed from the iconic Ghostface, inspired by Edward Munch’s painting The Scream, which was used in four installments on the big screen.

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