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Kim Kardashian may have spent Thanksgiving Weekend glued to the side of Calvin Klein hottie Gabriel Aubry, but that doesn’t mean ex-beau Reggie Bush doesn’t retain a hold on the socialite’s heart. Word on the Curb has it that the New Orleans Saints footballer has popped the question to Cuban model and singer Mayra Veronica […] Continue reading Reggie Bush Engaged To Marry Mayra Veronica; Kim Kardashian Enraged

Lindsay Lohan is forking off extra dough for the heightened security measures bosses at the Betty Ford Clinic have been forced to undertake since the fallen A-list checked into the Palm Springs facility for treatment last week. In addition to the $30,0000 she’s reportedly spending for four-weeks of detox at the facility, La Lohan is […] Continue reading Lohan Footing The Bill For Beefed-Up Security At Betty Ford Clinic

Poor taste in fashion and a soft spot for muscular “juicers” may be the least of Snooki’s problems. Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi insists recent reports claiming that she fell critically-ill after being diagnosed with alcohol poisoning last May are categorically-false, but informants with noses for news say Snooks “Bring Your Own Keg” attitude is […] Continue reading Does Snooki Need Rehab?

The Lindsay Has Two Faces? Lindsay Lohan’s odd behavior in the weeks since her release from a four-week stint in jail and rehab — including clipping a baby stroller with her Maserati and failing two court-ordered drug tests — has spywitnesses close to the former “Mean Girl” concerned that the star may suffer from Multiple Personality […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Multiple Personality Disorder?