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Between 1984-1990, Bubbles The Chimp became a pop culture star as the frequent companion of music icon Michael Jackson. However, MJ was never content with a chimp who could simply dress himself and do the Moonwalk. The “Thriller” star reportedly forked over thousands trying to get leading throat specialists to implant vocal chords into his […] Continue reading Michael Jackson Spent Thousands To Give Bubbles The Chimp A Voice

Listen up, Crunchers: Michael Jackson’s top banana could use your help.In the 1980s, Bubbles The Chimpanzee moonwalked, appeared in music videos, and hobnobbed with celebs like Liza Minnelli and Brooke Shields. He even slept in a crib and accompanied MJ on his 1987 Bad World Tour. (Not to mention he once chomped down on the […] Continue reading Adopt Bubbles! Michael Jackson’s Chimp Seeks Donations For Comfortable Retirement

It’s a reunion made in Primate Heaven: La Toya and Bubbles reunited at long last! (Now if only someone could reunite her with her original nose….)As we approach the first anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s sister is reuniting with the late singer’s former pet in a new Animal Planet documentary […] Continue reading La Toya Jackson & Bubbles The Chimp: Reunited At Last!

Facing a wrongful death lawsuit and life without her beloved chimpanzee companion, Travis, Sandra Herold — the owner of the chimp that mauled her friend beyond recognization in a brutal attack last year — died of aneurysm in Connecticut this week. Charla Nash was visiting Herold and Travis at their home in Stamford in February 2009 […] Continue reading Sandra Herold, Mauling Chimp Owner, Dies