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Christopher Nolan is casting actresses for leading roles in the new Batman film, set to hit theaters in July of 2012!. . The two roles are very … Continue reading Christopher Nolan Considering A-List Ladies for 'Batman' Cast

Christopher Smith reviews ‘The American’

In theaters. . “The American”. . Directed by Anton Corbijn, written by Rown Joffe, 155 minutes, rated R.. . . . If ever there was a film that … Continue reading Christopher Smith reviews 'The American'

Christopher Nolan to begin filming third Batman in April

By Denise Martin,. . . Christopher Nolan will begin production on the next Batman movie in April.. . That’s the word from Michael Caine, who told … Continue reading Christopher Nolan to begin filming third Batman in April

Film director Christopher Nolan has revealed that the making of his new movie ‘Inception’ was very much influenced by the James Bond movies. The sci-fi thriller, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, follows a team of thieves who steal secrets from other people’s dreams. “The Bond influence on the film was very intentional because, for me, growing [...] Continue reading Christopher Nolan says 007 influenced new movie ‘Inception’

Rumours are abuzz that Jennifer Aniston is dating Christopher Gartin. The 41-year-old actress met the ‘True Blood’ star through her former ‘Friends’ co-star Courtney Cox. The couple was recently spotted enjoying a meal at the Sunset Tower hotel in Hollywood where they split a burger and drank a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rose champagne, while [...] Continue reading Is Jennifer Aniston dating ‘True Blood’ star Christopher Gartin?