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tsc-chris-zylka-vertical.jpgThough “The Secret Circle” was, sadly, canceled by The CW, it’s safe to say that star Chris Zylka is still having a pretty fantastic summer. He and “Pretty Little Liars” girlfriend Lucy Hale are so adorable we could just die, and he’s got a prime role in this summer’s upcoming blockbuster “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Now, Zylka has announced that he’s joining Ryan Murphy’s scare fare anthology… Continue reading 'American Horror Story' Season 2 taps Chris Zylka of 'Secret Circle' and 'Spider-Man' fame

The Secret Circle: Father Time (PHOTO RECAP)

We did it! It finally happened! John Blackwell finally arrived in Chance Harbor! Now, it takes some straight-up audacity for a sister show of The Vampire Diaries to base its first season around the reappearance of a presumed dead character AND name that episode “Return,” but it turns out The Secret Circle is just that audacious! Obviously John Blackwell is no Katherine Pierce, and also “Return” is no “The Return,”… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Father Time (PHOTO RECAP)

Splash News

By Jen Heger – Radar Legal Editor

Whitney Houston’s inner circle, including her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wanted her to go to rehab in the weeks leading up to her death, but the pop star shut down talk about her returning to treatment, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, after months of sober living during 2011, Houston, who died Feb. 11 at age 48, had fallen… Continue reading Whitney Houston's Inner Circle Wanted Her To Go To Rehab, Clive Davis Offered To Pay

The Secret Circle: Witch Bling (PHOTO RECAP)

If I were a teenage witch and found myself mixed up in the events of “Medallion” I’d start boning up on my SAT prep and looking seriously into colleges. Has Chance Harbor ever felt MORE like a moribund small town worth escaping from? It’s just a bunch of people who can barely tolerate each other sitting around waiting for things to happen to them. Don’t worry, kids, there’s a bigger… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Witch Bling (PHOTO RECAP)

The Secret Circle: Total Recall (PHOTO RECAP)

Sometime over the holidays my dad and I were discussing our shared fondness for Natasha Henstridge—my family saw Species and Species II (!) in theaters—so I brought to his attention that she currently had a new gig on the CW called The Secret Circle and his eyes lit up. He hadn’t heard of TSC (or, let’s be honest, the CW) and asked whether he’d like it or not, and I… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Total Recall (PHOTO RECAP)