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The Following closed out its second season Monday night with a finale that closed some chapters, left several people dead, and had an ending that, executive producer Marcos Siega says, was always meant to be a taste of something different.

In the conversation below, Siega opens up about said finale, telling us who’s really dead, what we’ll see more of next season, why they filmed two endings, and why fans’… Continue reading ‘The Following’ post-mortem: EP on who’s REALLY dead, that cliffhanger, and what you WON’T see in season 3


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In tonight’s season finale of Private Practice, the Sam-Addison-Jake love triangle will “come to a head big time.” That’s what Paul Adelstein promises.

“There are a couple of cliffhangers — one really big one that had a lot of us gasping at the table read,” he reveals. “And it’s a very emotional episode across the board and definitely wraps… Continue reading ‘Private Practice’: Paul Adelstein on ‘really big’ finale cliffhanger. Plus, will Cooper and Charlotte ever have children of their own?

I’ve got to give Haven’s season finale credit: It answered a few questions I didn’t even know I had. But Friday’s episode might have been too little, too late, because it capped off an uneven second season. While I’ll gladly tune in to a third if SyFy renews the series, I’m not sure the audience is there. And can anyone really blame viewers for bailing?

My frustration comes from being a… Continue reading Haven Ends with a Few Big Reveals and One Heck of a Cliffhanger Cliche

Last night’s 90210 finale ended with — what else? — a shocking twist, but what’s even more shocking are the changes coming to West Bev next season. (SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the episode, do not read on!) After a season of marijuana addictions (Ivy), Fatal Attraction-style cousins (Annie), and messy affairs (Navid, Silver, and Adrianna),

Crystal Clear Picture:

So when I talked to Justin Hartley about tonight’s episode of Smallville, “Dominion,” which also happens to be the actor’s first directing effort, he was excited, to say the least. You wouldn’t think that this was a freshman director poised to make his big debut with one of the final episodes of a decade-old cult

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