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Mega global campaign celebrates the power of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to bring everyone together. The ‘One World, One Game’ television and digital film has been created in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, Sao Paulo

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 7, 2014


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The largest marketing programme in… Continue reading Coca-Cola launches ‘The World’s Cup’

Coca-Cola4Though Coke denied it, a US radio show Tuesday claimed that it has cracked the more than a hundred years old mystery of Coca-Cola’s ‘secret formula.’ Atlanta-based Coca-Cola has kept its ingredient formula a closely guarded secret since 1886. The official copy of the original recipe is said to be kept in bank vault in […] Continue reading Coca-Cola ‘secret recipe’ cracked, claims radio show

Someone Alert Security: Lindsay Lohan busted out of The Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California last week in pursuit of Coke…Coca-Cola, that is. Lindsay Lohan is back in the headlines after she was caught red can-handed in a bizarre attempt to escape rehab to buy a can of fizzy pop from a local vending […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Flees Rehab In Pursuit Of Coca-Cola!