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Scarlett Johansson6Despite the break-up of their marriage, actors Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are still committed to working on a joint project about killer whales. Doubt as to whether the two will continue working together on ‘The Whale’, a movie about a baby orca, which becomes separated from its parents, started after news of their split […] Continue reading Johansson, Reynolds still committed to joint movie project

The parents of a former Bachelorette contestant who turned up dead after disappearing in San Diego this week, took his own life. Hug, the son of prominent San Diego restauranteurs, battled for the heart of Bachelorette lovely Jillian Harris in 2009 but in his daily life, Julien waged war against a much stronger adversary — […] Continue reading Julien Hug, “Bachelorette” Contestant, Committed Suicide, Say Family

A former medical student accused of killing women he met through Craigslist killed himself inside the Boston jail, where he was awaiting trial, authorities said Sunday. Philip Markoff’s body was found Sunday morning in the Nashua Street Jail after an apparent suicide, said Ed Geary, a spokesman for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. Prison officials have […] Continue reading Craigslist Killer Phillip Markoff Committed Suicide

Alexander McQueen, the famous fashion designer recently committed suicide by intake of a mixture of the cocaine, the tranquillizers and also the sleeping pills, then hanging him up said the inquiry held.
It is being said that the 40 years old Alexander was under immense pressure from the work and also in a great depression […] Continue reading Because of Drugs Alexander McQueen committed suicide

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is embarking on a trip to India with an assurance that President Barack Obama is deeply committed to strengthening relations with India with a deep appreciation of common challenges posed by issues like terrorism.
“I can tell you, I’ve sat with the president as he’s met with the Prime Minister (Manmohan […] Continue reading ‘Obama deeply committed to strengthening India ties’