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doctor-who-jenna-louise-coleman-clara-tardis-season-7b-bbc-america.jpg“Doctor Who” returns for a run of eight new adventures this Saturday (March 30) on BBC America and the big mystery is the Doctor’s new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman).

The Doctor’s already met her twice, or has he? It was definitely Coleman who played Oswin — a space traveler trapped inside a Dalek — in the Season 7 premiere “Asylum of the Daleks.” And it… Continue reading 'Doctor Who' returns: Steven Moffat talks new companion Clara and Jenna-Louise Coleman

We’ve known for a while that the “Doctor Who” Christmas special will introduce the Doctor’s new companion — or rather, re-introduce her.

Jenna-Louise Coleman also appeared in the show’s season premiere, “Asylum of the Daleks.” In the Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” the show circles back to the Doctor meeting Clara (Coleman) for the “first” time — and this trailer suggests she knows more than a little bit about him.

We meet Clara… Continue reading 'Doctor Who': Christmas special teaser features the Doctor's new companion

Despite the fact that the so-awaited new series of Doctor Who will be aired only after April 3, Karen Gillan and Matt Smith were seen at the premier of the first episode, The Eleventh Hour, which was on Thursday evening.
In the installment the Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, have to save the world from […] Continue reading Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Discuss New Series of Doctor Who at the Premier