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Say hello to the Hulk, the mean, green fighting machine with an anger-management problem. Marvel has just released concept art showing the Hulk’s look for ‘The Avengers.’ His hue this go-round is a lot less cartoony green and a tad more Gollum-esque gray-green, judging by these artist sketches.

He’ll be played by Mark Ruffalo in his more peaceful moments, who’s taking over the role vacated by Eric Bana and Edward Norton.

See… Continue reading Hulk 'Avengers' Concept Art Unveiled: Yep, He's Green and Angry

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau High on Concept, Short on Thrills

Review in a Hurry: Rowdy fratboy-turned-politician David Norris (Matt Damon) accidentally discovers that his life path has been planned out for him from on high, by a bunch of guys in gray suits… Continue reading Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau High on Concept, Short on Thrills

Hall Pass actor Owen Wilson tries to explain what a “Hall Pass” is to kids in this new FunnyOrDie video. Meanwhile, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, best known as lensman duo The Farrelly Brothers, who directed the new comedy — are dropping in to HLN’s Joy Behar Tuesday (10PM) for a comical chat about the new [...] Continue reading Owen Wilson Explains The Concept Of A “Hall Pass”

Cameron Diaz believes that monogamy is an outdated concept. The actress, who has most recently been romantically linked to baseball player Alex Rodriguez, thinks that it”s perfectly acceptable not to spend your life with one partner. “Relationships can last two, five or 20 years. I don”t believe in sharing your bed with the same person [...] Continue reading Monogamy is an outdated concept: Cameron Diaz

eBook turned into video and social-networking tool

An eBook is no longer a plain working device as it has been for so many years. Now, thanks to the latest features added to it in accordance to the growing requirements from a single device, today’s eBooks have enhanced features.
Such a modern eBook came into existence in late 2009, when Harper Collins [...] Continue reading eBook turned into video and social-networking tool