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Helena Bonham Carter and Rebecca Hall have joined the elite inner circle of Steve McQueen’s upcoming HBO drama, Codes of Conduct.

The series follows Beverly Snow (played by Devon Terrell), a young African American man from Queens, and his upward climb into Manhattan’s high society. Bonham Carter will play Esther Kaufmann, an author and psychiatrist born into a prominent Jewish family in Manhattan. The divorced mother’s life is… Continue reading Helena Bonham Carter, Rebecca Hall join Steve McQueen’s HBO drama ‘Codes of Conduct’

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

Veteran actor Fred Willard was taken into custody for lewd conduct Wednesday night, police tell radio detection and rangingOnline.com, after he was caught at Hollywood’s Tiki Theater with his genitals exposed and his pants down.

The 78-year-old Ohio native was cited and released and a mugshot was taken, police said, adding he was “cooperative” with authorities in the ordeal.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done… Continue reading Actor Fred Willard, Caught With Pants Down In Hollywood Theater, Arrested For Lewd Conduct

‘Jersey Show’ host Nicole Polizzi a.k.a ‘Snooki’ has been released after being arrested for disorderly conduct on a beach in New Jersey. An officer at the Seaside Heights, New Jersey police department confirmed that the 22-year-old star was arrested and released the same day. “On Friday at approximately 15:23 hours, Nicole Polizzi was acting in […] Continue reading Snooki released after spending time behind bars for disorderly conduct

Enraged at being sued by her ex business partners and managers, Eva Longoria has decided to sue them back.
The sacked managers, Ronen and Mali Nachum, had alleged in their lawsuit against her that that they were forced out of the eatery because of the conduct of her and other partners.
“All allegations against Longoria Parker… and […] Continue reading Eva Longoria countersuing fired managers

Naomi Campbell, who is an International supermodel, has become more famous now for her vicious conduct than modeling. She burst into tears at yesterday at the Oprah Winfrey show. She admitted that she really showed a bad temper.
Yeah…she has always been in the front-page headlines do not think for some good conduct rather for anger issues. […] Continue reading Tearful Naomi Feels Ashamed for Her Public Outbursts