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Hank Baskett’s wife Kendra Wilkinson has said she’d be “dumb” to divorce him despite his alleged affair with a transsexual, because he’s a good man. But according to Zhora Tillett — the best friend of the mistress at the center of the scandal that has torn Baskett’s marriage to Wilkinson apart – he’s a “liar” and a “cheater” who desperately tried to silence Ava Sabrina London with thousands of… Continue reading ‘He Said He’d Pay Her’: How ‘Manipulative’ Hank Baskett Tried To Cover Up The Transsexual Scandal — Model’s Best Friend Tells All In Video Confession

kardashian father wenn getty post 1 Khloe Is Not A Kardashian: Her Dads Final Confession Revealed


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Khloe is not a Kardashian!

Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife and widow have come forward in a Star magazine exclusive in which they both claim that the late Kardashian expressed his doubts about the paternity of Khloe.

“Khloe is not his kid — he told me that after we got married,” Jan Ashley, 63, the woman who married Robert… Continue reading Khloe Is Not A Kardashian: Her 'Dad's' Final Confession Revealed

Cops sought confession in Levy case through penpal

Police seeking a confession from a prime suspect in the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy of Modesto tried to establish a phony penpal relationship with … Continue reading Cops sought confession in Levy case through penpal

Although Lindsay Lohan sounded remorseful in her Sept. 17 Tweet, where she admitted to failing a drug test, a witness has revealed that the star laughed and quaffed as she crafted that statement on her Blackberry. The witness also said that the ‘Mean Girls’ star typed her confession that night at Hollywood eatery Magnolia. Lohan [...] Continue reading LiLo ‘drank, giggled as she tweeted drug confession’

Paris Hilton was barred from entering Japan after admitting cocaine possession in a US court just a few hours earlier. The hotel-heiress, 29, was quizzed at Tokyo”s Narita airport after flying in for “business obligations”. And it was after six-hours of detention that Hilton was placed at the scruffy Airport Rest House as the authorities [...] Continue reading Paris Hilton refused Japan entry after cocaine confession