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star-crossed-emery-roman-episode-2.jpgAt the end of the series premiere of “Star-Crossed,” tragedy struck the Atrian community — and the Whitehill family — when Emery’s father, a high-ranking guard in the Atrian sector, accidentally shot and killed Roman’s tribe-leader father as he tried to talk down a rogue alien who was threatening violence.

It was a blow against Atrian-human relations, something about

The SEALs are in trouble on Last Resort.

While it could be argued that that’s been the case all season, their situation really took a turn for the worst at the end of last week’s episode when Chaplin awoke from his drug-induced hallucination to discover the firing key was missing!

With their only bargaining chip currently MIA, what’s next for the Team Island? Check out EW’s short chat with Braugher… Continue reading ‘Last Resort’: Andre Braugher previews ‘climactic confrontation’

By Cliff RenfrewRadar Staff Reporter
Michael Lohan wants to go toe-to-toe with Frank The Confrontation Sorrentino in the boxing ring because he hates the way he bad mouthed his famous son Mike The Situation Sorrentino.
Sorrentino Sr. will referee a mat… Continue reading Michael Lohan Wants A Real Life Confrontation with Frank Sorrentino Inside The Boxing Ring

Newly released police report has revealed that the Christmas confrontation actor Charlie Sheen had with his wife had started because of a song. Sheen, 44, told Aspen police that wife Brooke Mueller called 911 on December 25 last year because she was “jealous” of him sharing a liking for astronomy and the song ‘Drops of […] Continue reading Charlie Sheen’s Christmas confrontation with wife started over song