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In an exclusive clip from tonight’s Gallery Girls, “I’m Not Sorry,” mean queen Liz sits down with drunk skunk Amy to discuss Amy’s probable (definite) drinking problem, but suddenly the issue becomes that Amy is fake and uncomfortable in her own skin. Perceptive on Liz’s part, or unfair? Anything is possible when the worst people on… Continue reading ‘Gallery Girls’: Liz confronts Amy about her drunken antics — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This Wednesday (Sept. 21), Eva Longoria surprises one of her critics on The CW’s new show, “H8R.”

Somehow, Mario Lopez and his camera crew manage to capture some dude talking trash about Longoria and — surprise surprise — she just happens to be waiting in the wings.

“I wanted to confront you because I feel like you were hating on me without knowing me,” says Longoria to her surprised critic. The… Continue reading Video: Eva Longoria confronts her 'H8R'

Brian David Mitchell just sings during the rebuke; he’s sentenced to life… Continue reading Elizabeth Smart Confronts Kidnapper: 'What You Did Was Wrong'

Justin Bieber turned 17 last week, leaving him with three more years to be a teen. But the young superstar is already older than his years.. . He… Continue reading Justin Bieber confronts fickle celebrity fate

Posted at 8:38 AM ET, 12/10/2010 . Celebrity Beat: Julia Roberts confronts paparazzo, Radar Online conveniently has the story and pix… Winona… Continue reading Julia Roberts confronts paparazzo; 'The Hasselhoffs' canceled after only two episodes