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When a filmmaker shows the audience a bunch of jumbled computer code, it’s usually lazy shorthand for genius-computer-person or hax0r-doing-rad-sh*t. But what are we actually looking at when that schizophrenic collection of numbers flashes on the screen? Turns out, not much.

John Graham-Cumming started a Tumblr Movie Code where he posts screen grabs showing code from different films and TV shows — and then the actual sources… Continue reading Finally, Someone Deciphers All the Confusing Computer Code Featured in Movies

Review: Confusing and Unengaging, John Carter Makes Avatar Look Like, Well… Avatar.

I understood Brian DePalma’s Mission: Impossible the first time I saw it in theaters.  I had no trouble following Chris Nolan’s brain-twister thrillers (Memento, The Prestige, Inception).  It was work, but I more-or-less ‘got’ the core narrative beats of LA Confidential and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  But by golly John Carter is a confusing muddle of a movie.  There has been all kinds of hand-wringing about the film’s rather large… Continue reading Review: Confusing and Unengaging, John Carter Makes Avatar Look Like, Well... Avatar.

conan-tbs-premiere-320.jpgIf there was ever a set of Emmy categories that is really hard to pin down, it’s the catch-all categories for the series and specials in the “outstanding music, variety and comedy” field.

We had to put the name of the field in quotes, because it’s not three separate categories; music, variety and comedy encompasses… Continue reading Emmys 2011: The music-variety-comedy categories are a confusing catch-all

Sucker PunchReview in a Hurry: In his first nonadaptation, director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) seems to be trying for the most expensive art film ever, but the story—about girls in a mental institution…

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that he was so confused with the script of ‘Inception’ that he had to ask director Christopher Nolan to explain the plot. He said he had struggled to figure out the complicated plot of the sci-fi movie and spend hours talking with the director to develop his character Dominic Cobb, a […] Continue reading ‘Inception’ script was incredibly confusing, admits Leonardo DiCaprio