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Update: News today suggests Peter Jackson definitely wants to make a third Hobbit  film, and that a decision as to whether that actually happens should be made soon. With that being the case, we’re reposting this conversation from last week when the topic was a hot one at comic-con. [via THR]

After it was announced last week that the third Hunger Games book, Mockingjay, would be… Continue reading The Conversation: Should Peter Jackson Extend 'The Hobbit' for a Trilogy?

Yesterday we heard the unconfirmed news that Andrew Stanton is heading back under the sea for a sequel to Finding Nemo. The report has been met with a mix of responses, but those who are disappointed have a lot more to talk about, because the director’s career path is being dictated by the poor outcome of John Carter, a box office disaster that does actually have… Continue reading The Conversation: Is Pixar Drowning Its Reputation with Too Many Sequels?

Seeing as today marks the midpoint of the year, it’s time for everyone to look back over the first six months and determine what films are the best of 2012 so far. It’s a great way to filter favorites into a pile that we can easily look back on in December, so we can avoid rummaging through the whole lot at the last minute when compiling… Continue reading The Conversation: What Are the Best Films of 2012 So Far?

If there’s one ’80s teen movie character I wouldn’t expect to ever see as an ad spokesperson, it’s Say Anything‘s Lloyd Dobler. But a close second is Ferris Bueller. Unfortunately, a teaser video of Matthew Broderick seemingly reprising the role, which surfaced online yesterday to much excitement and curiosity, is indeed a promo for a Super Bowl ad, allegedly for Honda (the company hasn’t confirmed this). And… Continue reading The Conversation: What's the Worst Commercial Exploitation of a Beloved Movie or Character?

As I’ve stated previously, the Golden Globes are a difficult award ceremony to take seriously since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hasn’t recognized documentaries since 1977. And for other reasons, I suppose. But it’s also a difficult telecast not to watch if you’re interested at all in movie stars, especially in who they’re wearing, and that goes for both the designers of their dresses and the people sitting… Continue reading The Conversation: What Did You Think of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards?