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Some movies only take a single sentence to pitch and you instantly understand exactly what you’re going to get. So here’s the simple pitch for a new horror comedy: What if cooties was an actual virus that turned kids into zombies and a bunch of elementary school teachers had to fight them off?

That’s a pretty great idea all on its own… Continue reading 'Cooties' Trailer Runs From a Horde of Zombie Kids

When some gnarly virus gets into the chicken nuggets sent to a small-town elementary school, one girl takes the wrong bite and winds up turning into a flesh-eating zombie. Soon she transforms the other kids, too, and before they can finish their lunch break the school’s teachers find themselves trapped inside the building with no way to escape as the killer kids close in.

That’s the premise… Continue reading Sundance at Midnight: 'Cooties' Finds Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson Fighting a Pack of Zombie First-Graders