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dan-byrd-courteney-cox-cougar-town-abc.jpgWe still don’t know when “Cougar Town” will debut on ABC in 2012, but thanks to the show’s creators, people will have an opportunity to see episodes from the new season in the next few weeks.

Creators Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence are embarking on what’s essentially a road-show tour for the show, setting up “Cougar Town” viewing parties in Atlanta, Louisville, Ky., and Sarasota, Fla… Continue reading 'Cougar Town': Get a chance to see Season 3 before it's on ABC

By Amber GoodhandRadar Staff Reporter
Move over Demi Moore – there’s a new cougar in town.
Get this — while Ellen Barkin was busy launching her acting career in 1982’s Diner, her current beau wasn’t even conceived yet!
PHOTOS: Celebrity Smo… Continue reading Uber Cougar : Ellen Barkin Gets Serious With Boyfriend 31 Years Her Junior

• A case of life imitating art? Like Cougar Town’s wine-loving Jules, Courteney Cox enjoyed a glass of wine with her costar Brian Van Holt – who plays her ex-husband on the show – and another man. The trio enjoyed the fresh air and some small bites at the newly reopened Malibu Inn, a beachfront restaurant. The reserved group kept to themselves, heading out together just before 11 p.m… Continue reading Courteney Cox Shares Wine with Cougar Town Costar Brian Van Holt

Cougar Town actress Courteney Cox is reportedly livid that she and her popular ABC dramedy were completely shut out of the 2011 Golden Globe nominations. Cox — who famously never received a single Golden Globe or Emmy nod during her 10-season run on NBC’s smash comedy Friends — hit the roof when Hollywood bigwigs glossed […] Continue reading Courteney Cox “Seething” Over “Cougar Town” Golden Globe Snub

Actress Emma Thompson said that middle-aged Hollywood actresses, who move with younger partners, are “predatory”. “I don”t get it. It seems predatory and I don”t really approve,” the Telegraph quoted Thompson, who herself is seven years older than her husband Greg Wise, as saying of the so called “Cougar” phenomenon. However, Thompson- who won an […] Continue reading Emma is ‘not a cougar like other mid-aged Hollywood actresses’