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517899237 c 570 411 Are Kids Movies Contributing to the Cult of Self Esteem?

It’s a tale as old as time: Little David manages to beat a much bigger Goliath through sheer courage, belief, and a bit of luck.

The story echoes across many kids’ movies today, like this summer’s “Turbo” and “Planes.” Both feature a protagonist who defies the odds and achieves the impossible — what “Atlantic” writer Luke

‘Cult’ pulled from CW schedule

Cult just hasn’t had the following they expected, so it’s being pulled from the CW schedule, EW confirms.

The show — starring Vampire Diaries actor Matt David and Supernatural‘s Alona Tal — has most recently aired on Fridays, but it’s next scheduled airing has been pulled to make room for an encore of the Carrie Diaries finale. Subsequent scheduled airings are being replaced by encores of Oh Sit, the… Continue reading ‘Cult’ pulled from CW schedule

It’s rare that you can trace an entire genre of movies to a single source, but you can with modern film comedy. Most of the landmark comedy films and filmmakers of the past 35 years can track their lineage back to one picture: “The Kentucky Fried Movie,” which opened exactly 35 years ago this week (on August 10, 1977).

The film may not be as well remembered today as other hits… Continue reading 'The Kentucky Fried Movie': How The Cult Classic Spawned Modern Film Comedy

Susan Tyrrell Dead: Cult Film Actress Dies At 67

Susan Tyrrell, cult film staple and Academy Award nominee, passed away on Sunday at the age of 67.

Although Tyrrell spent her career playing somewhat unsavory types, her talent did not go unrecognized. She made her transition from the theater to film with 1971′s “Shoot Out,” and, by the following year, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in John Huston’s “Fat City.”

She went to star in over a dozen off-beat films… Continue reading Susan Tyrrell Dead: Cult Film Actress Dies At 67

The Top 10 New Cult Movies

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The Top 10 New Cult Movies

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