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entourage culture undermines essential values

As Actress Lindsay Lohan contemplates her 90-day jail sentence, not to mention recently being dropped from a role in the upcoming film “The Other … Continue reading entourage culture undermines essential values

YouTube Develops towards Popular Culture

It is evident that the popularity of YouTube is continuing to grow. However, it proves that this media portal hasn’t practically changed from the moment of its origin. It has been announced in tabloids that the Hulu will soon launch Hulu Plus, a subscription service. The user will have to pay $10 per month if [...] Continue reading YouTube Develops towards Popular Culture

Boy George has hinted Culture Club may be reunited to mark band’s 30th anniversary next year.
The group last came together in 1998 to stage a 20th anniversary special concert in 2002 at London’’s Royal Albert Hall.
The singer told BBC 5 live: “I think we could do a one-off gig or maybe a small tour. It’’s [...] Continue reading Boy George hints at Culture Club reunion

Ireland names ‘In Treatment’ star Gabriel Byrne its US ambassador for promoting Irish culture Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, star of the HBO series “In Treatment,” has been appointed Ireland’s ambassador for culture. The honor, announced Tuesday by Prime Minister Brian Cowen, means the Dublin-born actor will work with the Culture Ireland agency to promote Irish artists, shows and festivals … Continue reading Ireland names Gabriel Byrne its culture ambassador

More March NYC Jewish culture events

b25781 260x195 More March NYC Jewish culture events

Another chance to see the film "A Matter of Size", discussion on the concept and feeling of "home", and "Jews and Spain" (worth checking out, especially if you missed December's symposium & music festival).