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In Political News: Conservative Republican strategist, Michael Reagan appeared on The Early Show Monday, wherehe called his brother Ron Jr. an “embarrassment” to their parents after the latter made comments suggesting President Reagan may have been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease while running the country through most of the 1980s. The former Commander-in-Chief […] Continue reading Reagan Family Feud: Ron Jr. & Michael Reagan Spar Over Dad’s Alzheimer’s

Lindsay Lohan and her dad were finally reunited at California”s Betty Ford clinic seven months after she cut him out of her life. The ‘Mean Girls’ actress, who had refused to speak to him for telling tales about her, cave in and asked him to visit. “It was an emotional reunion – there were hugs, […] Continue reading LiLo and dad’s ‘emotional’ reunion

A U.S. tabloid has unearthed 50-year-old divorce papers which suggest that Sandra Bullock’s father was violent towards his first wife. In Rita Harrison”s 1961 separation documents, filed in Alabama, she accused John Bullock of repeated violent behaviour, according to U.S. publication the Globe, which obtained the file. In the papers, Harrison”s lawyer claims Bullock “committed […] Continue reading Sandra Bullock’s dad’s bitter divorce documents come back to haunt her

English singer Amy Winehouse is blaming herself after her dad Mitch was rushed to hospital following her latest bender. The troubled singer is devastated her father, a London cabbie, who has been struggling to rescue Amy from her drugs and booze lifestyle, suffered severe chest pains. The 26-year-old singer is worried that his stress-related illness […] Continue reading Winehouse blames herself for dad’s hospitalization after her latest bender

Cameron Diaz has revealed that she signed ‘Knight And Day’ – because she wanted to have ‘some fun’ after her father’s demise two years back. The ‘Charlie”s Angels’ star was left shattered when her dad Emilio died in 2008 while she was filming ‘My Sister”s Keeper.’ The 37-year-old actress was relieved when she was offered […] Continue reading Cameron Diaz signed ‘Knight And Day’ to get over dad’s death