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After playing Harry Potter for nearly ten years, it looks like Daniel Radcliffe is having trouble coming out of his character. In his latest interview, Radcliff claimed he’s really a wizard, that he has vanquished all the evil spirits in the world and is now considering a career as a professional Quidditch player. “I AM […] Continue reading Daniel Radcliffe a real wizard?

Two-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis will star as America’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg-directed flick Lincoln, we’ve learned. The announcement came Friday, the 147th anniversary of Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address. Based on Team of Rivals, the 2005 best-selling book from Doris Kearns Goodwin, Lincoln follows the historic leader — the first US […] Continue reading Daniel Day-Lewis Abe Lincoln Biopic

Daniel Day Lewis is set to play Abraham Lincoln in an upcoming biopic to be directed by Steven Spielberg. Variety reported that the director, who first signed on for DreamWorks” “Lincoln” in 2001, has announced that Day-Lewis has signed on for the lead. Five years ago Spielberg seemed close to bringing the film in front […] Continue reading Daniel Day-Lewis to play Abraham Lincoln in Spielberg film

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that he didn’t mind wearing bra for the last movie of the franchise. In one of the scene, Potter”s friends transform themselves into replica versions of him so that his enemies can”t work out who the real Potter is. Hermione, played by Emma Watson, is one of those […] Continue reading Daniel Radcliffe says he didn’t mind wearing bra for last Harry Potter movie

Rachel Weisz is reportedly obsessed with Daniel Craig- the latest James Bond- after splitting with her long-term partner, director Darren Aronofsky. Weisz is believed to have grown close to Craig while they played husband and wife in forthcoming thriller ‘Dream House’. Last night, a source said the actress was ‘head over heels’ for Craig, who […] Continue reading Has Rachel Weisz fallen ‘head over heels’ for Daniel Craig?