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t25551 260x195 Twilight Breaking Dawn Leak Feels Like Marketing Stunt

Studios leak movie images all the time, but when they plead for fans to stop putting them on their sites, that makes some news…

Listen up, TwiHards: Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart is now accepting all cards, teddies, and balloons emblazoned with the phrase “Get Well Soon!” after the actress was reportedly injured while shooting scenes for Breaking Dawn, the latest installment in The Twilight Saga. Stewart was photographed with her left hand covered in surgical bandages as she exited [...] Continue reading Kristen Stewart Injured On Set Of “Twilight Breaking Dawn”

Pre-production of Twilight: Breaking Dawn gets underway in Vancouver

With just a few weeks to go before filming of Twilight: Breaking Dawn begins in Vancouver, production crew have been grinding into gear. . … Continue reading Pre-production of Twilight: Breaking Dawn gets underway in Vancouver

It looks like an image from one of those smutty movies you pick up from behind the beaded curtain in a seedy adult bookstore, but it’s actually a sneak peek at the the highly anticipated sex scene from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 — the first installment of the two-part finale (Finally! Thank [...] Continue reading Edward & Bella Sex Scene “Twilight Breaking Dawn” Promo

Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Treatment Center employee accusing actress Lindsay Lohan of criminal battery, will not sue the Mean Girls star or continue prosecution against the screen starlet, Holland’s lawyer told The TODAY Show Wednesday. Holland, a chemical dependency technician at the rehabilitation center, has alleged that the troubled starlet assaulted her when she [...] Continue reading Fired Rehab Worker Dawn Holland Will Not Sue/Press Charges Against Lohan