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Juan of the DeadJuan of the Dead immediately establishes itself as a somewhat noteworthy event in genre film history in that it marks Cuba’s first foray into the splatter-tastic world of horror movies. For this reason and this reason alone, writer/director Alejandro Brugues deserves a round of applause, a pat on the back and an expensive bottle of champagne to share with his cast and crew… Continue reading 'Juan of the Dead' FF Review: Cuba Does Zombies

While “The Walking Dead’s” walkers (aka zombies) may look like they effortlessly threw together their shredded and blood-stained ensembles, there’s actually a lot of work and calculation that goes into each walker’s look.

In a new video from AMC, costume designer Eulyn Womble explains how the clothing makes the dead man (or woman).

“This is the first time,” says Womble, “that I’ve had to dress people that are supposed to be… Continue reading 'The Walking Dead': How to dress a zombie

Natalee Holloway's Father Wants Her Declared Legally Dead

Natalee Holloway

Courtesy of Beth Twitty/AP

It’s been more than six years since teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba, and her father says the time has come to finally confront a

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

The prime suspect in Robyn Gardner’s disappearance in Aruba calmly told police that he thought she was dead within hours of her vanishing, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned.

Gary Giordano, who was traveling with the 35-year-old Maryland woman when she went missing on August 2, appeared drunk as he looked at his watch and told authorities, “She might be dead now,” during the… Continue reading Missing Aruba Woman Suspect Told Police Just Hours After Disappearance: 'She Might Be Dead Now'

sugarland-gi.jpgVery sad news. At the Indianapolis State Fair on Saturday night, just before country duo Sugarland was set to perform, the stage they were due to perform on collapsed, likely due to high winds. Four people are dead and at least a dozen more are injured after 60-70 mph winds blew the roof of the stage down into the crowd.

Though the concert was delayed for… Continue reading Sugarland stage collapses at Indianapolis State Fair, at least four dead