Endorsement Deals Not Rolling In For “Jersey Shore” Guidette Sammi

Maybe it’s the way her French manicure cringingly clashes with the tanned-to-a-tangerine hues in her olive skin. Perhaps her volatile romance with castmate Ronnie Ortiz-Magro leaves more than just a sour taste in the mouths of reality fans. Whatever the reason, the offers for lucrative endorsement deals just aren’t rolling in for Jersey Shore “guidette”

Chilean Miners Movie Deals, Book Offers On The Table

“Miracle at the Mine” — it’s more than just a catchphrase adopted to describe an international ordeal. If Hollywood has its way, the slogan could be the title of a future telefilm or tell-all memoir. Book and film spinoff deals are already being floated about the plight and rescue of the 33 Chilean miners that

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze to Sign Contract Deals

It turned out that less than 24 hours after winning season nine of “American Idol”, Lee DeWyze managed to sign  a record deal with RCA Records as well as 19 Recordings Limited.  As for his pal Crystal Bowersox, she signed a contract with Jive and 19 Recordings Limited for her debut album.
According to the recent