Lady GaGa says her latest release will be album of the decade

Lady Gaga1Lady GaGa has hailed her second album ‘Born This Way’ the greatest record “of this decade”. The singer has confidently described the collection — due out early next year and featuring up to 20 tracks — as “really f****** good”. In a typically bizarre review of her upcoming offering, GaGa told her Polish fans the

Kate Moss gets ‘Best-Dressed Woman Of The Decade’ title from Vogue

Kate Moss has been named the best-dressed woman of the past ten years. In the first list of its kind compiled by Vogue, the supermodel was judged to have had more influence than any other model or celebrity on the way other women dress. “At every moment Kate Moss has looked chic and cool,” the

Charlize Theron Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards “Decade Of Hotness” Award

In case you missed the memo, Charlize Theron is the ultimate hottie. The South African-born Oscar-winner will be crowned with the “Decade of Hotness” honor at next month’s Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.“Spike TV’s Guys Choice will honor Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron with the Decade of Hotness Award, one of