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the-following-betrayal-recap.jpg It was not a banner day for the females on “The Following” on Monday (April 7). Mandy, Claire and Carrie all made some absolutely terrible decisions during “Betrayal,” but only one of them lost their lives as a result. So who died?

Oh, Mandy. Poor, sweet, not-so-innocent Mandy. You could not have made a dumber decision than running away from Joe straight into the… Continue reading 'The Following' Season 2, episode 12 recap: Mandy, Claire and Carrie make terrible decisions in 'Betrayal'

Here’s the thing: the Fast and Furious series is, by and large, pretty amazing. Who would have thought that the first film, a fairly simple and derivative Point Break riff with cars instead of surfing, would evolve into one of the most entertaining, continuity-heavy and rewarding franchises in recent memory? But there’s no denying it — these movies are ridiculous. They disrespect the laws… Continue reading The Most Ridiculous Decisions People Make Throughout the 'Fast and Furious' Series

Done. The fates of pilots and returning shows are sealed. The new fall schedule has been revealed. And the week of network sales presentations to advertisers is over. Here’s some of the best and worst of the past week and what it means for this fall.

Highest concept (figuratively): Mixology — a sitcom where the entire series takes place during one night in a bar. Cheers only felt like… Continue reading Best and Worst Decisions of 2013 Upfronts

The Walking Dead: Decisions, Decisions

The Walking Dead S02E10: “18 Miles Out”

We’re three episodes into the new regime of The Walking Dead, and already things are looking pretty different. And better. “18 Miles Out” did much more with less, cutting down on ensemble participation in order to focus on a handful of characters in just two storylines. As a result, we got a more focused episode that told its micro-stories smarter. Heck, by cutting out… Continue reading The Walking Dead: Decisions, Decisions

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret Comes Clean

Oh Todd Margaret, will you ever learn? Let’s hope not, because the more Todd lies and tries to weasel his way out of the traps he sets for himself in IFC’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, the greater the payoff.

But with “Todd’s Terrible Day Ends and His Next Terrible Day Begins,” Season 2 started off with something pretty unexpected: Todd Margaret actually told the truth! This is the… Continue reading The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret Comes Clean