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By Radar Staff
This could be a make-it or break-it season of Jersey Shore. The show is on location in Florence, Italy where their filming permits ban them from public drinking, among other things.
PHOTOS: The Jersey Shore Explores Florence
So what did … Continue reading Jersey Shore Cast Gets Taken For A Ride In Italy

DVR Alert! Jersey Shore returns to MTV for a third season of debauchery, Jello-shots, and drunken hookups Jan. 6 @ 10 PM. Oh — and the new season will serve as the introduction to a new liquor-lovin’ guidette — Snooki’s pal Deena Nicole Cortese. Here’s a preview…. Continue reading “Jersey Shore” Season 3 Trailer Offers First Glimpse Of New Castmember Deena Nicole Cortese

On Wednesday, HollywoodLife.com got its hot little hands on a video of Deena Nicole — the most recent addition to the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore — in which the party girl from Lincroft, NJ drops the N-Bomb. “We’re gonna play you out, nigga,” Deena — a self-described “Bad Ass Brunette” — says to […] Continue reading New “Jersey Shore” Girl Deena Nicole Drops N-Bomb [VIDEO]

Meet The New Lady In Seaside Heights: RadarOnline.com is reporting that Poughkeepsie, New York’s own Dina Nicole — a friend of Snooki’s — has been cast to replace departing guidette Angelina Pivarnick on the forthcoming third season of MTV’s Jersey Shore. The lucky tanned lady is a self-proclaimed “Bad Ass Brunette,” who — according to her […] Continue reading New “Jersey Shore” Castmate Deena Nicole Cortese